Web Development Services

Binary Vibes is committed to providing excellence in client service. Binary Vibes has the ability to draw from an experienced base of personnel while maintaining a personalized form of business liaison. The ultimate in consultation, skills diversity and adaptability to meet client expectations are the very strengths of Binary Vibes.

    Binary Vibes call on a combination of talents, including:
  • Clients
  • Web Page Designers
  • Copywriters
  • Graphic Artist (if required)s
  • Internet Marketers
  • Internet users
  • Member of your target markets
  • Lay person who does not have any experience with the Internet,
    to make your site appealing,functional and successful

We are focused on making our customers' web site a tremendous success. We help you in all stages of building the web site - right from drawing the requirement sheet to obtaining higher rankings in all major search engines.

Web Design and development services from Binary Vibes

Some of the example requests people often make are below

  • I want a professional looking website for my organization
  • an e-Commerce website to sell products, services and membership online
  • a single or multi user blog
  • an organizational Intranet website
  • a social networking website
  • a personal home page with blog, picture gallery, etc
  • a community portal or a discussion site
  • a combination of the above or more

We are ready to help you build almost all types of websites.

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Some of the web site development features that benefit you greatly are:

  • Cross Browser Testing: There are web browsers that do not fully comply to W3C standards. Before the web site is production ready, it has to pass through our stringent quality testing. We view the web site in all major web browsers like Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Internet Explorer and make sure the pages are displayed correctly.

  • Search Engine Optimization: we code the web site in such a way as to increase search engine rankings. People search for products or services they want to buy in search engines and the web sites ranked higher tend to get this business. We perform various tasks like, search engine submission, building reciprocal links, adding your web site to major Internet directories, etc to add your web site to all major search engine indexes.

  • Templates: We have built hundreds of web page templates with relying upon our past experience in publishing successful web sites. We choose the template that best suits your requirement and customize it. Of course, the general feel, navigation and 'look' of the site are completed in close consultation with you. The loading time of the Website onto the computer screen is a major factor that is reviewed. Once the coding is completed, the Binary Vibes team reviews the web site from many different angles. From navigation to ease of contact to time loading - every possible angle is reviewed to ensure maximum functionality of the site. This ensures the highest possible viewing rate.