Linux Enabled IT Infrastructure Services

We help you build robust servers using GNU/Linux. Some of the popular examples are:

  • Web Server
  • Firewall, Internet Gateway and VPN
  • FTP Server
  • Database Server
  • E-mail Server
  • DNS Server
  • File Servers: NFS, NIS, Samba
  • Print Server
  • LDAP Server
  • Virtualization
  • Migration to Linux
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Scripting and automating tasks
  • Linux on desktops and laptops

Introducing Packaged Monthly Maintenance Services

Linux usage varies from customer to customer depending on their specific needs. It is hard to make a generalized estimate of the monthly maintenance charges. To help customers quicly get an idea of charges towards server maintenance, we're annoucning monthly support packages based on server profiles.

Type Description Distro Firewall Phone Support Web Ticketing Amount ($US) Amount (INR)
LAMP Linux, Apache 2.x, MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.2.x CentOS Yes Yes Yes 125.00 per month 6250.00 per month

The service includes:

  • Installing and configuring Apache web server
  • Configuring software repositories
  • Installing PHP 5.2.x
  • Installing MySQL
  • Securing server with iptables firewall
  • Hardening the server security
  • Automated and manual monitoring of the server
  • Managing software package updates
  • Managing backup and recovery

You can choose to rent the server hardware from any provider. Our engineers require root password to the server. Specialized services like installation of e-mail server and custom applications require additional manpower resources and are charged extra.

Get in touch with us for more details.