Binary Vibes BizSense - CRM and ERP

BizSense is a web based open source CRM and ERP software. BizSense is being actively developed. Follow our Blog to keep yourself updated about the project.

Some of the notable capabilities of BizSense are:

  • Sales
    • Leads
    • Opportunities
    • Quotes
    • Sales order
  • Marketing
    • Campaigns
    • Mass mailers
  • Core
    • Add on module management
    • Installer and version update manager
    • User management
      • Role based access controls
    • Administrator module

You can find more information about BizSense at Projects website.


Billing and patient information system for small hospitals and clinics

Hopso is a web application built to solve the billing and administrative problems of small hospitals. Binary Vibes Hospo software automates workflow in hospitals. The software has a modular architecture and customers can choose from several addon modules.

  • In patient billing
  • Out patient billing
  • Inventory management
  • Patient information management

Additional modules available:

  • Discharge summary
  • Wound certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • MLC register
  • Death certificate
  • Patient consent certificate
  • Patient referral certificate
  • Discharged at request/against medical certificate
  • Drug center
  • Inpatient billing
  • Lab billing

BINAC - firewall, Internet access control and file server

BINAC is an acronym which stands for Binary Vibes Internet Access Control. BINAC is an innovative combination of Squid caching server and related software technologies. The Internet gateway server provides routing and Internet connection sharing end point. It makes Internet access control and enforcement of security policies easier. BINAC also has firewall built-in to protect your network from intruders

Additional features like file and print server for Windows clients, Windows domain controller are integrated to BINAC depending upon customer request.

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